Life at JUMO

We’re a mission driven, forward thinking and ethical company doing great things.

Our massive transformative purpose to deliver a world of financial choices and change the lives of billions of people is our north star. This guides what we do and how we work.

We achieve our purpose and mission by:

  • Influencing the way  financial systems work in favour of the marginalised.
  • Powering an unparalleled banking technology platform that can provide financial services to anyone, anywhere.
  • Using data responsibly to deliver simple, fitted and accessible financial products at the best prices.

How we work and who we are

One team, pulling together.

We are generous, bold and resilient.  Every voice and contribution matters.  

We are relentless in unlocking the full potential and excellence of our people.

  • We explore, innovate and find creative solutions to interesting challenges.   
  • We constantly improve what we do and how we do it.  There is space for development and room to experiment or learn from our mistakes. 
  • We are a quirky community who enjoys having fun and celebrating our wins together.   Everyone can bring their unique, authentic self to work and feel seen and appreciated.