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An exceptional challenge must be met by exceptional people. Every day, we are inspired by the opportunity to collaborate and learn from our talented colleagues. Smart, passionate and driven, we take pride in what we do together, as JUMOnauts.

About this job

Data Scientists have exposure to many aspects of the business, and make direct impact to the bottom line.  A Data Scientist in this role will, amongst other things, interface with various teams throughout the business to derive a deep understanding of underlying phenomena that impact portfolio performance, develop better features to improve the performance of our predictive models, and better understand the links between client interventions and behaviour. They will also innovate to improve processes, algorithms, methods, product constructs, designs, and analyse experiments to learn about our clients and explore opportunities for portfolio improvement such as growth, stability, and revenue.

As a Data Scientist for Insights you will be accountable for 

  • delivering on the team’s key objectives
  • contributing to the team’s strategy
  • mentoring junior team members
  • identify opportunities for new products, processes, systems
  • fostering collaboration within and between teams
  • designing and building advanced systems to help scale the business
  • innovate and push the envelope of what is possible

Some exciting projects we have on our roadmap are:

  • Improving forecasting for our products.
  • Designing and testing surveys to improve the services we offer our customers.
  • Productionalizing our advanced anti-fraud system.
  • Building models to predict the best product fit for our customers.
  • Finding creative solutions to provide financial products to underserved customers in a sustainable way.

You will report to the Head of Analytics and Testing within the Data and Prediction team.

You will

  • Analyse, transform, augment and build datasets to convert financial and behavioural data into features and dimensions that allow us to more easily and accurately extract insights. 
  • Translate the data into strong visualisations, dashboards and graphs that can be easily understood by individuals with varying levels of domain knowledge and technical expertise (for example fellow analysts or CEOs). 
  • Designing optimisation algorithms to best apply our prediction models to our portfolios
  • Designing allocation algorithms to optimally match our loan customers with funding partners
  • Develop experiments that explore aspects of our portfolios and products to allow us to learn and improve. Document and simplify the insights obtained from analysis so that they can be cited, and re-used by anyone in the business to build and improve our foundation on which we perform data driven decision making. 
  • Automate analytics tasks to help us improve productivity and set ourselves up for scale. 
  • Design and develop models of our real world systems and client behaviours to help inform our decision making. This includes, but is not limited to, forecasting, simulating products or systems, testing decline strategies, and optimising client experience. 
  • Analyse end user requirements to understand and communicate what our stakeholders (for example, fellow analysts, portfolio managers, or partners) need, and what we can deliver to match those expectations. 
  • Derive and communicate insights to our stakeholders.  

You will need

  • A bachelor's degree with a strong quantitative component (e.g. Economics, Physics, Engineering, etc.)
  • Between 3-10 years of experience.
  • Fluent in SQL and Python (or an equivalent).
  • Experience working in fintech, specifically with lending products.
  • An ability to interpret problems, and simplify them to their essentials.
  • The desire to innovate, be creative and work on challenging problems.

Bonus if you have 

  • An interest in arts, research communication, and visualisation.
  • Experience with Linux, cloud computing (AWS), Tableau, and Spark.
  • Experience in communicating complex concepts simply and clearly.
  • Comfortable with statistics.
  • A masters degree and/or conference publications.

We ask a lot of each other at JUMO, but we give a lot too. 

You will love

  • Collaborating with smart, engaging people in an inspiring work environment
  • Working for impact
  • Growing and learning continuously, with loads of encouragement and support
  • Boldly taking risks as we navigate new challenges
  • Flexible work practices enabling your best delivery
  • Being autonomous and empowered to lead
  • A stack of leading-edge technologies

Remote First

You will be based in South Africa.  We operate on a remote first working approach where working remotely is our default way of working. Our environment is designed to foster innovation and enable collaboration. We have co-working spaces available in Cape Town for collaboration and connection and for the use of those who value and want to work out of an office. You have flexibility where to work from, as long as you have access to a reliable connection and are set up to work remotely.

Diversity and Inclusion

At JUMO, we believe that diversity strengthens our teams and we strive in our recruitment process to create an environment where people from every background can collaborate and prosper and be themselves.

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