JUMO is a learning machine. We manage information intelligently for optimal outcomes.

The responsible sourcing and management of data from start to finish sits with this team. They also manage targets and mandates to ensure portfolio success for the company, partners and customers. They test, deploy, track and react in a fast and complex environment.

All Data Jobs

Some of our data roles and teams

Data engineers

Data engineering ensures that JUMO’s intelligent banking platform is able to acquire data from millions of users across globally distributed sources, such as GSM. Beyond ingress, the data is processed and stored in the cloud to support event-driven analytics and machine learning pipelines.

Data modelling and reporting

This is the team responsible for all things data, from business intelligence to data warehouse design.

Portfolio and asset management

This team takes responsibility for the financial returns of JUMO’s funding partners (banks, impact funds, DFIs) and for meeting their investment targets.

Decision science

The applied data science team is responsible for our predictive modelling. They develop scorecards and machine learning models that drive decisioning on all of the financial products on JUMO’s platform.

Machine learning

The machine learning (ML) engineers are accountable for building JUMO’s next generation of prediction services so they can deploy ML models into production. This directly affects customer finance offers and portfolio performance.